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The fundraising audit is the most crucial stage of the whole planning process. It answers the question ‘where are we now?’ You can then start to move forward on a firm footing, knowing that the plans you make are based on sound judgements.

I have undertaken numerous audits of major donors, trusts, legacies, individual giving and corporate fundraising activity as well as audits of the fundraising operation as a whole. Whether general or focused on one specific area, I can offer the following tailored review which will identify the factors affecting your ability to optimise your fundraising

What goes in an audit?

The charity

Its vision and mission, structure, financial goals and funding needs.

The history

any previous planning and analysis that has been undertaken.

The activity

The mix of fundraising streams being deployed and the past and current performance of each including the return on investment and the lifetime value of your donors

The team

The skills, experience and resourcing of your fundraising team.

The processes

Any previous planning and analysis that has been undertaken.

The relationships

the co-ordination of strategy with other departments

and an external audit of the environment in which you are fundraising:

The environment

The ‘Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that impact your fundraising

The competitors

A thorough analysis of competitors – benchmarking you against best practice in the sector. I will look at their activities, size, and market position, financial performance, objectives and ambitions, past, present and future strategies - as well as potential collaborators.

The market place

The profile of your donor audience, their motivations, needs, preferences and interests.

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