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I can either offer hands on support or train your staff and volunteers to put on a fundraising event. This might include all or some of the following; initial concept, recruiting and managing a committee, identifying and researching guests, producing invitations, design and print (working with outside agencies as appropriate), securing sponsorship, devising an interesting, lively and fun format, writing speeches, formulating the ‘ask’, networking on the night and follow-up.

Useful Tip

Organising an event can be daunting but it is also enormously satisfying. You will be far more effective if you recruit a stellar committee with a variety of skills and contacts to help you. Make sure that your committee includes worker bees and well-connected individuals. Try to find an influential Chair who can fulfil both roles. Devise a short job description that clearly states the roles and expectations that the charity has of each member. Meet individually with each committee member beforehand to build your relationship with them, identify what role they would suit and secure a realistic commitment from them. Organise meetings well in advance (they will be busy people) and make sure that you meet even more regularly when you get closer to the event.

Jo is currently available for consultation and projects, contact her now or call her on 07807 845056

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